Sunday, December 16, 2007

I ran a 5K trail race yesterday which was fun. I beat my goal so I was fairly happy. I set a goal to beat the 9 year old girl that was running the race and I ended up passing her during mile 2. I learned a lesson from the 20k this spring which is to start in the back of the pack. That way I can set my own pace and have a chance to pass someone rather than be passed. I think I could have done a bit better if it were not for the 5 inches of snow on the ground that one had to fight through to pass. What fun the race was though.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tear-down parties, wrecking equipment, bonfires, 4wheelers, beer, and padded milking stanchions!

This Saturday I attended my first "tear-down party" with Lindsey. Her parents own a farm out in Hebron, Il. which is just south of Lake Geneva. I just learned this weekend that a "tear-down party" consists of a huge backhoe, an old farmhouse, family and friends, beer, and food. It was a great way to meet some of her family, because there was enough going on that kept the center of attention off of me! A tear-down party consists of demoing a house and drinking beer. It took all day to knock down the house with the backhoe but it got done. Much of the time spent was talking to Lindsey and her cousins and them reminiscing about the good old times in the old farm house. I got to see the padded milking stanchion that Lindsey's dad attached to a bed while I was there(I will let your imagination fill in what that is all about). That guy has got a crazy sense of humor.

Sunday consisted of mass with Matt and the POP meeting. The focus of the meeting was on mercy. Steve showed me pictures of 2 trophy bucks he got on Saturday. He got them both within 30 minutes of each other!!!!! I started working on my project that is due today at least until Dan called and wanted to see if I wanted Pinos. I can't believe he still has to ask. We drove over to Pino's and drank a pitcher while we were waiting for the pizza. We ate pizza with Megan Matt and the couple who is working on Dan's house. I pissed off and started working on my paper again. In fact I just finished it an our ago.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It has been ages since I posted. In fact I have not kept up with reading anyone elses blogs either. Out of site out of mind I guess.

An overview of life since my last post:

School, work, new friends, biking, running, POP...

Too much to talk about in one post. I will try to start blogging again, just a matter of finding the time to do so.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I found a great new place to run a couple weeks ago. I have been upset about the lack of "trail runs" I an do in Rockford. I could drive 20 minutes to get to Rock Cut State park but it seems like such a hassle. I decided to run up the railroad tracks that run along the river next to the Bike path that I usually run on. I think I may be hooked now. I have found that running along the railroad tracks is much like trail running in that most of the time you are looking for good footing. If I am running on the ties I either skip over one(lengthening my stride) or hit each one (increasing stride turn over, by taking choppy steps) which both help you run faster.

Montana here we come. We leave tomarrow at 5am and should be arriving Saturday around the same time. I can't wait. See yall in a week!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Trip planning is coming along for August. I was not able to get out of school for that week, but I am going to make it work. I am hoping to get all of the work for that week done ahead of schedule and bribe someone who will be around to submit the information for me. Any takers? I may even make it worth their while through reimbursement with some sweet coinage.

So far it is Eric July, Chris A., and I as definites. Matt is still trying to decide whether or not he wants to go? My question is why would you not want to go? I have tried to get ahold of Justin Walters and Pete Gaffney from South Bend to see if they can come, but I have not heard from them as of yet. I will most likely contact some guys from the household up in Dinkytown this week or after I get back from Montana.

My dad and I were packing food today for the Montana trip. I think I am becoming a "ounce counter" after reading so much about people's AT thru-hikes. I was trying to stuff all of the gear I would be taking into a 2800 ci pack and it wouldn't fit. My dad stuck me with the whole tent and it takes up most of the room in my pack! On another note I was packing all of the food with him and I have a suspicion that we may be bringing too much food. The beauty of having a big group of people is that you can spread the load between them all, with two guys there is a heck of a lot more to carry. If I was doing the trip myself I would definitely do everything different. I would use a tarp tent (18oz) as opposed to a 2 man tent (6 lbs). I would bring 2 lbs of cheese, 10 bagels, 6 boxes of assorted noodles, a bag of granola, and 1 lb of soy meal. I love the fact that my dad enjoys cooking gourmet in the sticks (as do I), but I think I would stick to one really good dinner (pita pizzas, mmmm) per a week and just regular high calorie light weight food. Just a difference in opinions. Also, I think we must be carrying at least 1 lb of plastic bags as all of the food is separated into individual meals. I guess that is enough of the backpacking banter I am sure I could count the number of people reading this who actually care about backpacking on my right hand that only has 3 fingers. Actually I doubt that many people read this blog, but I will stop with the backpacking anyway.

My grandmother fell a couple weeks ago and hurt her back. She hasn't been doing very well since(because of the pain). It is hard to listen to how bad she is doing because she is one of the toughest ladies I have met. She is also one of the most selfless individuals I met as well. She is always helping other people in the complex she is living in. She walks a couple miles a day too which is where I get the hiking itch from. She has lived an amazing life though. She worked with the dentist who came up with the idea of adding fluoride into the municipal water system and the use of fluoride to prevent tooth decay! This was back in the day when dental assistants didn't need formal training. She never went to college and she has achieved so many awesome things in her life. I am hoping she has many years ahead of her. We are all praying for her full recovery.

School is pretty blah... I don't know how people can do this type of work. It seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel with all of the regulations and all of the problems healthcare faces day to day. I am assuming they can handle it because there is hundreds of colleagues around that share the same plight. Who knows. I just want to finish this degree and move on to the next chapter of my life whatever it might be.

I've read through almost the whole Dune series, and I think I agree with Steve Ambrose's opinion on the it. The first book was awesome, but each one after that gets more and more bizarre. What I can say is that Frank Herbert (the author) has an awesome imagination. There are some very interesting ideas of power and politics and religion and money and dependence on one source of energy that I could write my own book on if I wanted to. One thing that I took from the series is how systems become corrupt no mater what they be. There are too many things too think about and write about and I am sure that they would all come out in some crazy jumble so I won't even touch it. All I can say is give the series a chance if you have the time it is pretty interesting.

Other reading has to do with preparing for a Thru hike and I will not go into that either. I am almost done reading "Ultramarathon man" again. I can't get enough of it. I needed some inspiration for running. I may commit to doing a 50-miler next year, but I have to think about it due to time restrictions that I already have with work, school, and the household.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I just found out that I could get another week off of work in August so I think I am going to try to do either another backpacking trip or a canoe trip to Boundary Waters. I already have one taker for a backpacking trip to Colorado. I have off for August 12-19th, the first time in a few years where I have my birthday off woo hoo! I honestly could do either, I may be more partial to Boundary Waters because of the ludicrous amount of fishing you get to do.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I have been doing some private journaling as of the past few weeks. Nothing special, just things that are on my mind that I do not deem "normal conversational pieces." Most of what I see myself writing about are the issues you and I deal with on a daily basis. I do not think them good conversation due to my lack of knowledge on these subjects. There is nothing I cannot stand more than a person who "speaks with authority" when he really is ignorant. This is true foolishness. I often wonder if this is the reason I perceive myself as a quiet person. I think this post is starting to sound much like my journal though. Just random thoughts, completely unorganized and make only sense to me thus more proof of why I do not tend to speak my mind.